Asteroid Field

    • Improved overall
      • Works (lol)
      • Can now decide the scale of the asteroid from the inspector
      • Clearing and generating the field are separate and can be done independently
      • Option to hide the asteroids in hierarchy (default = true)
  • Ship controller
    • Ships now have a handle above them when clicked allows the player controller to seamlessly change between them, much easier than dragging the ship into the inspector of the currently controlled ship
  • Game Manager
    • You can now select a ship to spawn and a position for the player from the inspector and give it its Loadout
    • Debug function allows for spawning a lot of ships at once.
  • Performance
    • I profiled the scene after spawning a lot of ships and physics was the big thing hindering performance so I took a look at the ship physics script and found that AddForce was being called no matter if any throttle/strafe or other inputs were being applied, that was addressed so that the AddForce method is not called if there is no such input, this gave a significant performance increase.
  • More Ships!
    • Got some more free ships to see how they look in the scene and they look pretty good!

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