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Project Lonestar is a solo-developed, third-person space RPG.

In a nutshell it is a spiritual successor to my childhood favorite game: Freelancer.

Lonestar focuses on player movement, exploration, combat, and loot.

My vision is to create this world in which you get lost completing side missions and finding secrets and rare loot like you would in Fallout 4.

I want the player to look around after looting a rare item they've spent a couple hours trying to get, and have no idea where they are or what system they've ended up in.


Most recent YouTube dev entry:



Also check out Underspace!

Console commands (not always up to date)


Very similar to Freelancer, most keys used in it are similar if they're used at all.

W or Mouse Wheel UpThrottle Up
S or Mouse Wheel DownThrottle Down
A and DStrafe left/right
Double Tap A/DSidestep left/right
Double Tap WBlink forward
Hold left-click or Space BarToggle Mouse Flight
Right ClickFire
Numrow (1-10) Fire Individual Weapon
Hold-FWeapon Menu
Shift+WToggle Cruise Engines
Hold TabAfterburner
Shift+WToggle Cruise Engines
ZToggle Drift (Kill Inertial Dampeners)
FUnlock cursor
~ (The key below ESC)Debug Console


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Version 0.1.42
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