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Project Lonestar is a solo-developed, Unity-based space sim proof-of-concept.

In a nutshell it is a spiritual successor to my childhood favorite game: Freelancer.

Something that Freelancer was first a part of was the innovation of space sims in the control department. With this innovation, keyboard controls became more prevalent and Freelancer was a good example of a space sim that did keyboard controls right. 

The game is really just a proof-of-concept and is being updated at a variable rate. At this time I don't see this project becoming monetized but it will most likely be sub $5 if it ever ends up on Steam or something similar.

Update Release Schedule

As of the beginning of 2019, I'm starting a couple of update schedules.

Every day I'll post a screenshot and a blurb about what I'm working on.

After about 5-6 of these screenshot dailies I ran into the issue of showing the same thing too many times. These will probably come less often so they can demonstrate more unique features/issues I'm working on at those moments. 

I will try to only post stable builds but I'm not too strict about it.


Most recent YouTube dev entry:





Also check out Underspace!

Console commands (not always up to date)


Very similar to Freelancer, most keys used in it are similar if they're used at all.

W or Mouse Wheel UpThrottle Up
S or Mouse Wheel DownThrottle Down
A and DStrafe left/right
Double Tap A/DSidestep left/right
Double Tap WBlink forward
Hold left-click or Space BarToggle Mouse Flight
Right ClickFire
Numrow (1-10) Fire Individual Weapon
Hold-FWeapon Menu
Shift+WToggle Cruise Engines
Hold TabAfterburner
Shift+WToggle Cruise Engines
ZToggle Drift (Kill Inertial Dampeners)
FUnlock cursor
~ (The key below ESC)Debug Console


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Version 0.1.13
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